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Since 2000, Susan has worked with hundreds of clients and healers all over the world, remotely and in person. Through hands on healing and intuitive readings, Susan has helped people struggling physically and personally find the strength and insight to transform their lives.





When I work with people directly or over the phone, their energy starts to shift immediately. They typically will feel very relaxed. The sensitive individual may feel heat or a “vibrational” feeling in the area I am working. Many times there is a physical or emotional release during the reading. Afterward the person will feel more open and clear.


medical intuition, WORKING WITH DOCTORS

The Doctor will give me the patient’s first name only and their age. Within moments I start talking about what I am seeing and sensing. I find the cause of the physical and emotional condition. I receive the healing formula for that patient, including certain supplements, exercises, stretches and more, specific to the individual’s needs.


I was born with a unique ability to see microscopically inside the body and initiate healing instantaneously. During my Readings, I discuss the physical, energetic, spiritual layers of a physical condition and how to heal. My Readings assist licensed practitioners and physicians with diagnosis and treatment of their patients. In fact, I often help Doctors when conventional diagnosis proves elusive.

cellular restructuring

Cellular restructuring is a method of changing the cell’s vibration and environment. By changing the emotional environment of a cell, it is able to vibrate faster and finer. When these changes happen, the healing has already sped up. Cells hold all kinds of information including the emotional pain of the subconscious. When the subconscious beliefs are addressed the physical pain starts to release.

The renaud effect - Hands on Energy Healing

Blending various massage modalities and precise energy work, I change cells instantly and expedite the healing process.

Past Life Regression 

Safely assist individuals and groups through a meditative regression process. With discussion of the life changing healing involved. Acknowledgement is 40% of the Healing process.

healer training & education

Are you a healer? Do you want to deepen your wisdom? Susan offers Advanced and Novice Level Healer Training to develop and deepen practitioners'  gifts on an intuitive level. Develop their own psychic connection and grow in their own lives. 

Four  Different Programs:

  • Training Healers and Advanced Training

  • Past Life Regression

  • Getting Healing done on you

  • Tuning in to your Intuition

Disclaimer: The Client understands that the healer does not diagnose conditions, nor interfere with treatment of a medical Doctor. The healing treatments and information given are to enhance any other treatment.